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Miastoprojekt Wrocław and highland-style water park

Miastoprojekt Wrocław was the contractor for Bania Aquapark in Bialka Tatrzanska. The object in Bialka will be one of the largest and most modern facilities of this type in Poland. It is implemented from private capital,  accompanied by the EU support. Innovative approach, diversity and amazing architectural solutions – all this is targeted at making the Park  not only competitive with distant only by about seven kilometers object in Bukovina Tatrzanska, but also making it a place that attracts people from the entire country. Located on the slope of Kotelnica hill, in the immediate vicinity to the ski lifts and hotels, the Water Park will be divided into the recreational area and a relaxation area. It is an interesting solution allowing to reconcile different ways of relaxation. The saunarium located within the premises of the park are characterized by diversity – one may  find there the fragrance saunas, Finnish saunas, dry and steam saunas. It will also be, of course, equipped with other, well-known from other objects attractions, such as:  waves, streams, waterfalls and slides. For those who  long for even more attractions – there is a luxury spa. The object  will be heated with the use of geothermal water. When looking at the visualization what attracts attention is the architectural solution. Land area equates to almost 18 thousand m2. Large, green roof of the object seamlessly blended into the landscape, irregular lumps, decor referring to the highland regional traditions – is the work of the ETC Architects Design Office in Wrocław. It is the company, providing the service to  the investor of the Aqua Park – Water Park Bania company, at the order of which our company took up the management of the construction of the object. Opening of the Water Park is planned for July 2011.


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