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Polish business at EXPO in Dubai

The World EXPO in Dubai has started, postponed by one year due to the pandemic.

The leitmotif of Expo 2020 is the slogan "Connecting minds, Creating the future - Connecting minds, creating the future".

Polish business in the Middle East will be promoted by, among others brands and products known all over the world, including CD Projekt, 4F, porcelain factories in Bolesławiec and many others. The Polish exhibition will be accompanied by an economic program, a political and diplomatic program, a culture promotion program, a tourism promotion program and regional programs. According to the exhibition slogan "Connecting minds, we create the future", several dozen public and private entities are involved in preparing Poland for participation in EXPO Dubai 2020.

Video from the opening ceremony of the Polish pavilion:

In total, nearly 2.5 thousand people are to take part in all activities organized by Poland around the Expo. companies (250 will present themselves in the pavilion itself).


Five different zones. A captivating story about Poland. The Polish Pavilion at Expo 2020 in Dubai presents the history of Poland in five different chapters - each presented in one of the five zones of the building. You can explore these zones as a series of experiences, each leading to the next.

The Polish Pavilion is a wooden structure resembling a tree, with a kinetic sculpture that refers to the great migration of birds from Poland to the Arab world. It evokes the nation's diverse global ties as well as its role as a leading commodity producer. The pavilion covers an area of ​​over 2,000 square meters. The WXCA studio together with the Swiss studio Bellprat Partner is responsible for the design and the architectural and thematic concept of the pavilion and the exhibition. They created a unique, engaging and permeating space, inviting you to get to know Polish nature, culture and innovative technologies. It intends to inspire and share with the world many solutions for a conscious, sustainable future.

The narrative of the Polish Pavilion is built around the leading concept of Poland's participation in Expo 2020 Dubai: "Poland. Creativity inspired by nature ”. It presents the history of Poland in five different parts, each of which is represented in one of the building's five zones - which can be explored as a series of experiments. The final narrative of the exhibition, detailed concept and key experiences were created in cooperation with the design studios Science Now, Stellar Fireworks and Tellart, which enriched the exhibition with characteristic, interactive experiences (e.g. Polish Table art installation), immersive spaces (e.g. the Landscapes of Creativity room) and multimedia story.

Local authorities expressed their wish that the Polish Pavilion will remain in Dubai permanently after the end of the event. Let us remind you that the structure was awarded by "The National" in the United Arab Emirates as one of the 17 best pavilions at Expo before the start of Expo 2020.

The Polish Pavilion at EXPO in Dubai was created by:

WXCA Team: Marta Sękulska-Wrońska, Szczepan Wroński, Michał Czerwiński, Anna Dobek-Lenczewska, Anna Majewska-Karolak, Paulina Kucharska, Małgorzata Gilarska, Piotr Łosek Bellprat Partner Team, Switzerland: Xavier Bellprat, Raphael Barbier, Iwan Funk.

Construction and installation design: WSP POLAND, WSP MIDDLE EAST: Krzysztof Bielazik, Łukasz Koc, Marcin Zimmer, Kamila Kajczyńska, Piotr Wrzosek, Katarzyna Bednarczyk-Kozłowska, Antoni Balcerzak, Andre Peterson, Alexander Castellanos

Photos: PAIH

About EXPO

World exhibitions (EXPO for short) - cyclical exhibitions presenting the cultural, scientific and technical achievements of countries and nations of the world. The first exhibition took place in 1751 in London, and the next two in 1798 and 1802 in Paris, but the Great Exhibition in London in 1851 is considered to be the first truly international world exhibition.

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