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DOLMED. Iconic architecture

Today we are pleased to provide a publication about the building, the design of which was created on the boards of the Miastoprojekt Wroclaw studio.

Dolmed was designed by a married couple of well-known Wroclaw architects, Anna and Jerzy Tarnawski, then working at Miastoprojekt.

Opened in May 1977, the facility was the most modern computerized medical center of its time. It was for the design of Dolmed that the Tarczynskis were honored with an award from the Polish Committee for Automatic Information Processing, and the project itself received the 1975-1976 Mister Wroclaw award in the "Best Public Building" category.

The building had such a futuristic form, for the time, that it appeared in the 1978 science-fiction film "Test of Pilot Pirx."

Stepping inside, it was hard to believe you were in a medical facility. Indeed, the exterior walls of the first floor were lined with blocks of split larch, the tower concealing the elevator received a cladding of finely cut sandstone and gold-colored mosaic, and the pillars were clad in black granite. Complete luxury. And in front of Dolmed, swans floated in the fountain - a sculpture by Jerzy Boron. While the building itself survived to this day in pretty decent condition, the surrounding area, including the fountain, was, unfortunately, devastated.

The interior of Dolmed was also state-of-the-art. The computerized medical facility could perform a set of dozens of examinations, tests and laboratory analyses on patients in about three hours! A daily 100 people could be examined in this way.

The distinctive building has already become a permanent part of the landscape in this part of the city. And it has been standing here for more than 40 years! It has undergone renovations, light remodeling. Still, DOLMED impresses with its modernist shape. What did it look like at the time of construction and in the first years after opening? What did the interiors look like? Take a trip back in time in this photo gallery.

Polish text and photos: Gazeta Wrocławska /

Transl.: Miastoprojekt Wrocław


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