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Miastoprojekt Wrocław zarządza Twoją inwestycją


How can we help you?
Projektujemy i zarządzamy projektami inwestycyjnymi

We will design and conduct your investment comprehensively as a Proxy of Investor or Contract Engineer. Our specialists in the field of: design, production technology, RES technologies, low-carbon technological solutions, energy optimization, procurement, project management can also provide you with individually selected ranges of services.

In each case, we will select technical and organizational solutions, matching them to the needs of your project.

In pursuit of the goal:

  • We will propose optimal solutions in the field of technology, logistics, design or engineering solutions.

  • We will implement your investment within the assumed budget and schedule.

  • We will consolidate responsibility and eliminate 

  • We will take care of your company's image by implementing high technical, environmental,
    health and safety and professional ethics standards.

We recommend the design-manage formula, i.e. comprehensive support for the areas of design, technical supervision, procurement and project management of the entire investment.

To meet the expectations of investors, we also offer support for selected stages:
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