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Another important year in the operation of our company.

In 2021, we entered a new level of customer service for the chemical market - thanks to establishing strategic cooperation in the field of designing production technologies for the chemical industry and our competences in civil design and project management, we also serve this market today in the EPC formula.

We also had the opportunity to see the effectiveness of the implemented COVID-19 counteraction procedures. Thanks to them, all our investments were carried out smoothly, and the ePMflow IT systems turned out to be a great help for us and our clients.

Another change, this time a visual one, is the rebranding of the logotype, designing new materials and the website. Our goal was to emphasize the advantages of an ultra-modern company, which at the same time has a unique opportunity to use the experience of its over 70-year history, which we are extremely proud of.

The Miastoprojekt Wrocław Team.


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