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Supporting energy management at the waste treatment plant in Gdansk

Expansion of the energy data monitoring and aggregation system, and further support in improving the effectiveness of energy management. This week, Miastoprojekt Wroclaw signed a contract with a municipal waste processing plant.

The signed document is the result of the success of the pilot project that we have been running at the plant since the beginning of the year. As part of this pilot, we equipped the facilities operating at the plant with a new data acquisition and monitoring system, which allowed us to analyze approximately 80% of the electricity consumed.

From now, as part of the established cooperation, our system will monitor electricity meters measuring the energy produced by cogeneration units, and the main counter.

Telemetry energy consumption saving energy efficiency
Telemetry devices installed at the Utilization Plant monitor energy consumption

Modern management using modern tools

Thanks to cooperation with Miastoprojekt Wrocław, the waste processing plant in Gdańsk gained access to a tool monitoring the consumption and production of electricity in real time. The plant's experts can now identify and eliminate incorrect operation of systems and devices in terms of energy consumption, and respond to anomalies and exceedances of reference values found in relation to historical data.

We conducted the pilot project at a well-organized and modernly managed waste treatment plant. This implementation of our solutions allowed us to improve the management processes in such an absolutely critical area for the company as energy in the context of its consumption, demand and own production.

Magdalena Dąbrowicz-Rzeczycka, Chief Sustainability Officer at Miastoprojekt Wroclaw

Our system not only streamlines the work related to the everyday operation of the plant, but it also supports the management of an extremely important area of activity, which is planning and management of electricity demand and costs.

Active energy consumption [kWh] in one of the sections. Anomalies during weekend shutdowns are visible

Data from the telemetry infrastructure is aggregated at 5-minute intervals and covers as nine key energy parameters:

  • Phase voltage;

  • Current;

  • Active power and total power;

  • Total reactive power;

  • Total active energy absorbed;

  • Total active energy released;

  • Total inductive reactive energy;

  • Total capacitive reactive energy;

  • Power factor tg (φ) determining the amount of reactive power consumption in relation to active power consumption.

Energy data covering the consumption and production of electricity at the waste processing plant are collected using the digital twins technology. This includes creating digital replicas of the monitored object in virtual space. These replicas are used to represent dynamically changing electrical values, enabling multidirectional analytics in real time.

In practice, this our client's team to dynamically manage electricity consumption and demand. Managers are able to actively supervise energy efficiency and the efficiency of installations operating at the plant.

That is yet another innovative tool that we have implemented in our company. Today, we confirm the company's status as one of the most modern facilities of this type in the entire country

Grzegorz Orzeszko, President of the Management Board of the Utilization Plant in Gdańsk

The implementation of a telemetry system at the Utilization Plant is an example of how much an expert energy management team can gain from working with innovative tools.

Even more possibilities

Our client plans to expand the system functionality by monitoring and aggregation of other parameters, including: the amount of biogas obtained, the negative pressure values in the tunnel composting installation, sewage and water flows, salinity levels, and the presence of ammonium nitrogen in the water and sewage management.

This comprehensive system allows municipal waste processing plants to manage and monitor both the entire facility, and its individual sections with even more precision.

Energy efficiency management services are an area that we are intensively developing in the company, and the validity of which we see with each subsequent pilot project.

Grzegorz Rosik, President of the Management Board of Miastoprojekt Wrocław


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