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About the problems of the EU economy – Miastoprojekt Wrocław at the European Economic Congress

During the three days of the event which took place in Katowice its participants discussed, inter alia, the challenges in the construction, energy and automotive industry, that is why one could not miss the representatives of  Miastoprojekt Wroclaw among the participants of the European Economic Congress in Katowice.

Debates and meetings on economic development in the European Union with the participation of six thousand visitors from Poland and foreign states lasted for three days. Among the representatives of the business one could traditionally find the experts of Miastoprojekt Wroclaw, for whom it was just another opportunity to share experiences and insights on market development of construction projects in the country and in Europe.

European Economic Congress in Katowice (7-9 May) took place for the sixth time. In nearly 100 sessions hundreds of panelists, EU Commissioners, prime ministers and representatives of European governments, presidents of major companies, researchers and practitioners, policy makers participated, having a real impact on economic and social life every year.


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