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Dron, kevlar line & cable car

The construction of the sightseeing gondola lift in Solina, i.e. the investment in which Miastoprojekt Wrocław acts as the Contract Engineer, has entered a decisive phase. New technologies, bold solutions - in a word, a lot and interesting things are going on there. After all, not every day you can see a drone stretching a kevalar rope between the high supports of the cable car!

fot. PKL

After stretching the rope, they were also braided, i.e. the elements of the rope were joined together. The works related to the assembly and braiding of the ropes lasted several days and were the last stage of construction planned for this year.

For the next year, the assembly of the controls, the installation of the gondola, the completion of the observation tower, facade and finishing works, equipment for catering facilities, as well as the development of the area of ​​the new center are planned.

According to the plan, the new cableway over Solina will be available to tourists in the summer of next year. The 1.5-kilometer-long journey with a view of Lake Solińskie will start at the crest of the dam and will end at Mountain Jawor at the observation tower.

We invite you to watch the film material:


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