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European Bauhaus - Polish accent

The pursuit of maximum functionality was the goal of the legendary Bauhaus. The relations between architecture, landscape, nature, technology and man were also emphasized.

How does this, apart from the name of course, relate to the New European Bauhaus competition? In simple terms - it is a practical implementation of the assumptions of the European Green Deal in our living space. It is like a "universal" mobilization of designers, architects, engineers, scientists, students and all creative minds in various disciplines to take a new look at a sustainable lifestyle.

It is important that, in addition to competing for prizes, there is a space for discussion, exchange of views and comparison of the possibilities available to individual member states. In the initiative, the advantages of simplicity, functionality and closed circulation of materials are emphasized at every step, without neglecting the need for comfort and attractiveness in everyday life. How do you like it? We are YES!

The program was divided into three stages: co-design, implementation and dissemination. Over 2,000 projects from all over Europe, competing to win in 10 thematic paths, have entered the competition. Currently, there are 60 works on the shortened list of laureates. The New European Bauhaus Award and a € 30,000 prize will be awarded to existing and completed projects. The Rising Star of the New European Bauhaus Rising Star, on the other hand, is a EUR 15,000 award for innovative project ideas from applicants under 30 years of age.

Among the finalists we have representatives of Poland in both categories! The organizers of the IF - Social Design for Sustainable Cities conference, which took place on October 23, 2020 in Warsaw, are competing for the main prize of the "New European Bauhaus Award" in the Mobilization of culture, arts and communities path. The virtual debate focused on the role of culture and social design in sustainable urban development. You can read more about the event itself here:


On the other hand, in the category for young and creative people on the Reinvented places to meet and share path, we have a representative from Lower Silesia, a proposal from Radwanice near Wrocław. As we read in the description, "The project deals with the privatization and individualisation of urban development in rural areas in Poland. The idea is to create a modular building system that allows you to create a common space, located on the border, between neighbors. It removes fences, and thus social relations, now somewhat locked in today's closed society. This solution promotes a sense of community and enables communities to be more environmentally and economically resilient. '

More about the project from Radwanice:

And all 60 works that entered the third stage of the competition, including the rivals of Polish participants, can be viewed at

At the end of summer, the selection board will select the winners. We keep our fingers crossed for Polish projects and - above all - for the implementation of such ideas that will change the environment for the better.


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