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Exchange of business contacts

The Great Exchange of Contacts dedicated to the construction industry is behind us!

We present the report from the first edition of the BNI Global West Industry Day. The meeting was held this morning at the Haston City Hotel in Wrocław and its aim was to enable a 20-second presentation by almost 100 reliable companies from Lower Silesia. In addition, it was a great opportunity to get to know and exchange experiences (on the basis of networking) among construction companies, agencies and property managers, trade wholesalers, designers and architects.

“Industry meetings are a great way to build contacts and develop business relationships. It is not often possible to meet so many practitioners at one meeting, and short presentations give the opportunity to meet representatives of all companies. I am pleased to take part in the next edition of the BNI West Industry Day. " - comments our representative - Katarzyna Stachura.


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