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Extension of the Product Technological Development Center in Wrocław for WABCO Sp. z o.o. finished!

According to the schedule prepared for the investment "Product Technical Development Center II - construction of a laboratory and test building with social and technical facilities", the acceptance procedures have just been completed. The investor has already started work in the new hall.

The last few months have been very intense - the facility has been equipped with a number of installations of a technological nature necessary for his functioning. Each of the installations required adjusting and plugging in to the existing and already operating on the premises of the plant.

When expanding the CTRP2 for WABCO, the constant i proved invaluable ongoing information exchange with the Investor's representatives. Knowledge of the existing technical infrastructure and ongoing involvement in the course of the investment process, allowed for the construction process to be carried out without major problems that can be encountered in such cases. Such cooperation is a pleasure ☺ We hope you kept your fingers crossed for successful pickups.


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