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"It concerns you, after all, when your neighbor's wall is on fire" - Horace's words ring in our ears with particular force these days. Our eyes are drawn to Ukraine and the tragedy of the people who, from one day to the next, were forced to leave their houses and travel into the unknown. Or stay and fight for their homeland.

Miastoprojekt Wrocław has proved many times in its history that you can rely on it. Now we also started to help - with donations, collections of gifts, volunteering in aid centers. Although this is how we can support.

We also think about the fact that when the war ends, our industry will also have a special responsibility to support the reconstruction of Ukraine. We do not know what life will bring, but we are proud that the employees of Miastoprojekt Wroclaw are not indifferent to what is happening in the neighboring country.

Our hearts are blue and yellow these days. 💙💛


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