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Impact of the pandemic on companies in Poland

We invite you to read the summary of the 3rd edition of the COVID-19 Business Pulse Survey - Poland, carried out by the World Bank in cooperation with the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development.

Poland is one of over 30 countries where such a study was conducted. The aim of the study was to better understand the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on companies in Poland, and thus to better adjust the support instruments for entrepreneurs.

As Paulina Zadura, Director of the Analysis and Strategy Department of PARP, emphasizes: - The last edition of the study was conducted in an extremely uncertain period for entrepreneurs, i.e. during a drastically increased number of COVID-19 cases and just before the next lockdown. Nevertheless, the decrease in sales decline and the decline in companies with liquidity problems indicate that the entrepreneurs took measures that helped them stabilize the business.

The first edition of the survey was carried out in May and June 2020, the second in September and October 2020, and the third in February and March 2021. The survey is always carried out on the same group of companies. The research sample consists of micro, small and medium-sized companies from the sectors of industry, trade and services. Large companies (i.e. those employing more than 249 employees) and agricultural companies were excluded.

The research results were prepared in Polish and English in the form of a graphic presentation. The link to download the pdf is HERE

You can read more about the research itself here:

The Business Pulse Survey is conducted by the World Bank in over 30 countries around the world. In Poland, the survey is carried out jointly with the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development. 503 companies took part in the third edition of the survey, which was carried out in February and March using the CATI method.

The materials come from the website of the Polish Agency for Industry Development:


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