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It was a difficult year, so let's help more

December is known for creating annual reports and reports. The turn of the year is also a time for us to develop business strategies and concepts for the next year. Before Christmas, we have traditionally been involved in charity activities supporting those who need help for many years.

To say that the past year has been difficult is to say nothing. We keep hearing about how many industries are in a deep crisis. In Miastoprojekt - a company that focuses on PEOPLE, we know very well what these words really mean. That "industry crisis" = misfortune for many families. Often those that were ahead of the pandemicwere doing quite well, because their larger and smaller workplaces coped with the adversities, but due to a sudden change in the world situation they fell into troubles. Holidays are under the belt, so we present today a summary of our December activities, with which we supported those in need.

With full mobilization, we joined the organized help for the family reported to the Szlachetna Paczka, which a year ago did not think that Good Fate would suddenly turn away from them. Food, clothes for children, but most of all, the purchase of a gas stove will allow them - literally - a warm holiday!

On December 6, children from the Wrocław Care and Upbringing Center at ul. Lessons were given the gifts of their dreams and the joy of meeting Santa Clauses who came to them not on a sleigh, but ... on motorbikes. One of the Moto Mikołajów was our Technical Director - Piotr Wachulec, who perfectly combines his passion for motorcycling with the need to help.

On Monday before Christmas, we packed gift packages for Belarusian children living in Wrocław, who are under the care of the Foundation

"For Your Freedom and Ours". Due to the pandemic and the political crisis in their homeland, they will spend Christmas this year in Poland. They have double

hard, but we believe that thanks to such heart crumbs they look to the future with greater hope.


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