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Miastoprojekt as the engineer of the contract in yet another sports investment

Children from the Educational Centre for Blind Children in Wroclaw have a new sport-rehabilitation center. The Ordering Party, Marshal Office of Lower Silesia, devoted as much as 15 million PLN for this purpose. Our company was the contract engineer, supervising the construction works and investment settlement.

Construction of the center in the area of Special Educational Centrefor Blind Children at Kamiennogórska St. in Wrocław was completed according to the time schedule. The building consists of: sports hall, swimming pool, room for corrective gymnastics and fitness. The area around the facility has been equipped with playgrounds for football, volleyball and basketball, as well as the treadmill, including the long jump with tri-jump and high jump options. Nearby, tobogganing hill is planned to be built. The total floor area equates to ​​nearly 3 thousand m2. This much needed and useful investment was made possible thanks to the EU co-financing under the Regional Operational Programme for the Lower Silesian Voivodship for the years 2007 – 20013.


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