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Miastoprojekt is the Contract Engineer of a prestigious investment

Polskie Koleje Linowe (PKL) has started the construction of a new tourist center and a viewing railway over the dam in Solina.

The presentation of this unique investment on a national scale was presented on June 25 during a ceremonial meeting at the Solina dam. The event was attended by representatives of the authorities, the Investor, the General Contractor - ERBET company, and Miastoprojekt Wrocław - the Contract Engineer of this prestigious project.

The new tourist center of the PKL Group will be unique due to its location and unique tourist attractions in Poland.

Among tourists, Solina and Bieszczady are considered to be one of the most magical and attractive places in our country. They are distinguished above all by spectacular landscapes, spontaneity of nature and the opportunity to spend time surrounded by wild nature. - The new tourist center presented today is one of PKL's model investments as part of the company's current strategy. Our goal for PKL is to create an attractive, year-round tourist and recreational offer in a way that builds the company's value. We want, in cooperation with local communities, to use the potential of the largest tourist regions, while maintaining natural environmental values. The investment in Solina fits perfectly into this strategy. Bieszczady is a unique region with great landscape and natural values. I am convinced that the tourist potential of this place, combined with the appropriate offer and further exemplary cooperation with local authorities, will soon make this region one of the most visited by tourists in Poland - said Paweł Borys, president of PFR. The PKL Group is a tour operator and aims to provide a unique experience to all who visit its tourist centers. In line with the adopted development strategy, PKL commenced the implementation of the investment and started the construction of a scenic cableway.

The railway in Solina will be equipped with the latest technologies that will ensure the highest safety standard, and the emergency drive systems and critical elements of the railway will be doubled and will enable the safe bringing of vehicles to the station. Modern technologies will also be used during the assembly of the tensile rope of the railway. Using a specialized drone, the first 4 mm kevlar rope will be stretched, and then the 3080 meter long target ropes will be deployed. The investment cost of the tourist center in Solina, which is being built by the PKL Group and PFR, is estimated at PLN 110 million.

Investor's material

The involvement of Miastoprojekt Wrocław:

Miastoprojekt is the Contract Engineer. As part of the project in Solina, we will carry out, among others, the following tasks: 🔹 acting as a supervision inspector 🔹 administering the contract with the General Contractor 🔹 managing the schedule 🔹 exercising quality supervision 🔹 risk management 🔹 cost control 🔹 claim management 🔹 reporting 🔹 acceptance.

We invite you to view the photo gallery from the event starting the construction. (Photo: MIASTOPROJEKT WROCŁAW).


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