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Molex Group with new manufacturing plant in Upper Silesia

The construction of a new plant for our US partner Phillips Medisize Poland of the Molex Group has been successfully completed. As part of this significant investment, Miastoprojekt Wrocław acted as Contract Engineer.

The official opening of the plant was attended by representatives of parliament, local authorities and a large US delegation lead by Joe Nelligan, president of Molex, and Paul Chaffin, president of Phillips-Medisize and Molex Medical and Pharma Solutions. Representatives of Miastoprojekt Wrocław were also present.

- This is another multi-million zloty investment and a milestone in our commitment to industry development. Not only does this testify to the capabilities and professionalism of our team, but also confirms our position in the industry, informed Grzegorz Rosik, CEO of Miastoprojekt Wrocław.

The project was completed in 14 months. We provided investor oversight of the entire project, including overseeing the contract, health and safety supervision and cost control.

Piotr Wachulec, technical director at Miastoprojekt Wrocław, points out that "our team of specialists is already working on the next stage of construction of an automotive facility for our US partners."

Manufacturing plant for Molex Group

The Molex Group, part of the powerful United States-based Koch Industries, has now completed Stage I, and Stage II is nearing completion, covering a total area of about 23,000 sqm. The newly commissioned plant will specialize in the production of medical equipment, including inhalers, pumps, ventilators, as well as devices for medical applications such as lancets, injectors and dispensers.

The plant will have state-of-the-art capabilities, including advanced medical device assembly, packaging, drug handling and injection molding.

- During this project, the Koch Group's philosophy, in which teamwork is its focal point, was particularly emphasized. The contract team consisting of the Investor, Designer, Contractor and Contract Engineer worked together, overcoming challenges in a very good atmosphere, and despite many situations of potential conflict, acted in accordance with the group's philosophy with mutual respect and understanding, the CEO added.

We congratulate our colleagues for doing an excellent job. We also thank our partners in the Molex Group for the good cooperation so far.


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