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Opening of the new Joynext hall

Strategic implementation for the Chinese automotive giant.

Behind us is the opening of another investment, in the construction of which our company was strongly involved. We are talking about a new production hall with a social and office building in Siemianice near Oborniki in Lower Silesia. The investor, the Chinese company JOYNEXT, is a solutions provider for the automotive sector, and its technologies are present in over 10 million vehicles around the world.

This is what Bogdan Koziar, operational director and managing director of the JOYNEXT plant in Oborniki, spoke about the investment itself during the ceremonial opening of the hall (27.01): The expansion of our production plant is a strategic investment in our future. Electromobility is booming, driving the demand for electric car battery control devices. Increasing production capacity is our response to the current and future market requirements and paves the way for further growth.

Apart from the representatives companies involved in the construction, representatives also took part in the meeting local government authorities: Małgorzata Matusiak, head of the Trzebnica Poviat and Arkadiusz Poprawa,

mayor of the Oborniki Śląskie commune.

The new 2,250 square meter hall will increase the production space of a leading automotive supplier by more than 50 percent. The expansion of the plant is a response to the demand for battery control units for electric cars. Where previously the plant was producing 9,000 such units per week for just one customer, the capacity of the existing line will now increase to 45,000 control units per week. In October this year, the second production line will be launched.

In the future, the line will produce up to 69,000 units per week for another leading European car manufacturer.

For JOYNEXT, the expansion of the plant also means commitment to the location in Oborniki, Poland, which is closely related to the company's history. In total, the company has invested EUR 15 million in the last two years and will create 36 new jobs by expanding the plant.

The company Miastoprojekt Wrocław acted as the Substitute Investor, and the General Contractor was Projprzem Budownictwo Sp. z o.o.

Let us recall that as part of the planned works, the plant's networks and connections were expanded and reconstructed, including sanitary sewage system, rainwater sewage system, gas, water and electricity networks. According to the design, the internal roads and the car park were reconstructed, as well as the construction of the exit.



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