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Progress of work on the investment of JOYNEXT Sp. z o.o.

Today, a few words about the investment of JOYNEXT Sp. z o.o. in Siemianice, started on May 6, about which we have not written yet: Construction of a production hall with a social and office building, as an extension to the existing hall C.

As part of the planned works, the expansion and reconstruction of the company's networks is carried out and connections, including sanitary sewage, rainwater drainage, networks gas, water and electricity. The project also included

reconstruction of the company's internal roads, car park, as well as construction


Miastoprojekt Wrocław acts as the Substitute Investor, and the General Contractor is Projprzem S.A. Industrial construction design office in Gliwice.

Works have already been completed foundation, masonry and reinforced concrete works within the office building.

Masonry works of the technical building are in progress. Assembly is underway

elements of the steel structure and roof covering of the hall, while

the assembly of its main steel structure has been completed. Successively

road and network works are progressing. Scheduled completion of the investment is expected take place by November 30, 2020.

The author of the design is Architektoniczne Biuro Usług Projektowych GACEK & HOFFMANN Sp. z o.o


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