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The architect from Wrocław is the best in Poland!

With great joy (and pride as well) we received the news that the annual Zbyszek Zawistowski DIPLOMA OF THE YEAR awarded by the Association of Polish Architects SARP for the best diploma project to a graduate who obtained a master's degree in architecture at a university in Poland in a given year, arch. under the supervision of Dr. Eng. arch. Roman Rutkowski.

In the justification of the Competition Jury, which includes eminent Polish architects and representatives of architectural studios, we read: "The award was granted to a work that subtly but eloquently shows the main problem of the modern world, which is its destruction.

Balanced and timeless architecture skilfully surrounds a kind of anti-museum in its form. By integrating the building into the hill of the old, green landfill and elevating ordinary objects to the rank of exhibits - it makes you think and reflect. The quality of the created space, both outside and inside the building, makes it possible to experience various moods and sensations.

The attention to the modest, but very well-crafted detail shows the high skill of the author".

Let us add that in the final stage, the Faculty of Architecture of the Wrocław University of Technology was represented by 5 works. The Competition Jury also appreciated Arch. Dobrochna Lata, author of the work "New geography: Antropocentrum. Museum of Unnatural History in Katowice ”prepared at the Faculty of Architecture of the Wrocław University of Technology under the supervision of Dr. Eng. arch. Ada Kwiatkowska. The second degree was awarded for "Conscious and sensitive emphasis on the importance of nature in human life. The project makes us very aware that we cannot treat nature as a separate entity. Man has radically changed the earth and suffers the consequences. We are at a point where we need to change the direction of an unnatural story. The proposed architecture takes us on an educational journey that makes us aware that nature is being destroyed and that we can no longer distance ourselves from it”.

Congratulations to all finalists!

The winners received financial awards and invitations to paid internships in architectural studios. The winning works and a photo gallery from the award ceremony can be viewed on the SARP website:,3087/

Competition for the Annual SARP Award Zbyszek Zawistowski "Diploma of the Year", edition 2021:

Honorary Patronage of the Diploma of the Year Competition: Swiss Ambassador to Poland

Partners of the Diploma of the Year competition: Geberit Polska and Schindler Polska

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